How To Get Kendall Jenner Style


At over 36 million followers on Instagram and high celebrity profile, it’s easy to see why Kendall Jenner is Karl Lagerfeld’s muse and a style icon in the making. She can wear a ball gown on the casual day of shopping and not look out of place, or make a basic sweater look like million bucks. Her laid back off-duty style looks effortless and refined transforming everyday jeans and shirt look into the stylish statement outfit. Read on to see how you can emulate her signature style with these 5 simple steps.


1. Aviators

Aviators are a clear favorite of Kendall Jenner, these lightweight frames give a look of laid back elegant. They compliment her sporty style perfectly while maintaining a polished look.


Kendall Aviators


2. Skinny Leg jeans

Kendall loves to highlight one of her best features, her legs, and skinny leg jeans do just that. They are comfortable and suit everyone. If you’re curvy figured try a high waisted style in darker colour and pair it with tucked in top. This style is perfect for show off your legs and can be transformed into night wear by adding high heel shoes.


Kendall Skinny Leg jeans


3. Crop Top

Kendall reflects her signature style by adding a crop top to almost any outfit. It’s versatile enough to wear with a full-length skirt or high-rise jeans. It looks great with her skinny leg trousers and shows just enough flesh to stay classy and sexy.


Kendall Crop


4. Flat Booties

Kendall Jenner knows that flat booties are a must-have footwear style in every girl’swardrobe. Try a lace up boot for casual look or chained ankle boot for dressed up alternative. Painted leather lace ups add a touch of sophistication to this style.


Kendall bootie


5. Ponytail

Kendall Jenner’s style is all about youthful elegance. A center part and ponytail may sound boring but if done right, it adds a touch of innocence and class and can frame the face perfectly. Whether it is a sleek and high or low and loose pony-tail, one thing that can’t be denied is that it gives a polished finish to the laid back style.


Kendall Pony

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